Mondo Beyondo assignments

Since August 30, I've been receiving emails each weekday morning from my Mondo Beyondo online course. I love checking my email after my walk with Rusty and seeing what the day's dreamy mission is before I head to work. The picture above is my bowl of affirmations to help with the exhilarating but slightly scary process of identify my deepest hopes and dreams.

I worked on two assignments tonight, since last night was spent with a jumbo margarita and lots of family celebrating my brother-in-law's 38th birthday and my sister-in-law's 37th wedding anniversary. (Yes, that means the mother of the bride was holding her 1-year-old child at her second-oldest daughter's wedding!)

I first made a list of the small but meaningful things I try to do daily to energize my soul. As instructed, I taped the list next to the mirror I use each morning. (The bowl holding the affirmations, the table on which the bowl is sitting, and the mirror are antique fair finds ... I LOVE buying things that have a history.) I've included a close-up of my list in case you're curious.

The second assignment I worked on tonight involved writing my biggest, pie-in-the-sky, unbelievably amazing dreams. Not sure I'll ever share that list in public ... it feels like a fun secret to hold close to my heart right now. How many dreams do you think involved the ocean and surfing? (Hint: Lots.)

Happy Friday!


  1. This sounds like such happiness, Jen! Thanks for sharing :)


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