"Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile . . . initially scared me to death."*

My current office with a view (two views, actually -- the ocean and the sound)

Veggies: SO much deliciousness, thanks to my temporary job (keep on reading...)

Wine: Malbec and Carmenere have joined me and my yogi friends at the beach ... yum.

This week, I have blended hundreds of ounces of fruit smoothies. I have chopped and sliced pounds and pounds of veggies. In between  sauteing, baking, simmering, and toasting in this beautiful kitchen for eight hours each day, I have chanted, danced, meditated, and conversed with a lovely group of soon-to-be-yoga teachers led by my fabulous yogini friend who invited me to take part in this amazing adventure. The best part? I get to keep doing this for the next 10 days. Life is very, very good.

*A favorite quote from Betty Bender


  1. What an absolutely fantastic experience, Jen! How I would love to join you in that kitchen! Aaah, to cook with an ocean view...


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