Adventures 5 & 6/52: Using duct-tape and sewing thread for interesting purposes

Veggies: Pizza and M&Ms count as veggies, right?

Wine: Drinking almost an entire bottle of Estate White from Lamoreaux Landing on the eve of a snow day was tasty, but should not be repeated anytime soon.

Work has SO gotten in the way of adventuring (and living in general) during the past month, but I am committed to keeping up. Here are the latest:

5/52: Being duct-taped to a window for an educational purpose (?)

I’m an academic advisor, so I’m used to students asking questions of me. Many of their questions are the same, and many of my answers are the same. Two Fridays ago, however, I experienced a significant break in the monotony … I was asked by two first-year students I advise to consider being duct-taped to a window for educational hijinks (that is, Engineering Week festivities). And my answer was quite unexpected too. After a quick glance at the 52 Adventures logo that’s next to my computer screen, I said yes.

So, on the following snowy Monday morning, I arrived at Zimmer Hall, ready for my taping. Along with 18 other people, I was taped to a window, quite strategically. I was one of three people who actually stayed taped to the window for any amount of time, and I managed to hang in for a few minutes before not-so-gracefully falling face-first into my kind teammates’ arms. Because extra points are given when any foolish faculty or staff member can be talked into an activity, my team won enough for a first place finish. Hoo-ray!

6/52: Sewing swanky cloth napkins for every day meals

I’ll admit it: I’m a hypocritical kind of tree-hugger who uses 20 times her weight in paper towels and napkins each year. It’s embarrassing. But how can I be expected to stop when IKEA makes such cute printed napkins?

In a moment of intense shame, I googled how to make my own cloth napkins and came upon this fantastic tutorial. Then I found some really cheap fabric and ridiculously expensive ribbon to make my own, just in time for a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner. Sadly, that’s the last time I’ve really needed a napkin at home--too much eating on the run or standing up in the kitchen. But I look forward to many future meals with my fancy, eco-friendly napkins. There is a dinner party adventure coming up this year, after all …


  1. Uh, Jen.... you were duct-taped to a window???
    Love your "just do it" attitude... :)
    Those are pretty dinner napkins!


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