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What do you always say you can't do or don't have time for?
Body + Soul magazine

Whenever I tell people I teach yoga, they often assume that I spend hours on the mat each day. The reality is that most dedicated yoga students spend more time on their personal practice than I do. I know that I'm a better teacher--not to mention a better human being--when I practice yoga, but for years I could never seem to find the time. I thought that turning a basement room into a mini yoga studio would do the trick. But I still rushed past my yoga mat each day, feeling slightly guilty and resentful, wondering when that time to practice would ever materialize.

During my beach/surfing vacation in August, I was inspired to answer the question above from an article in Body + Soul. Near the top of the list I wrote, "Meditating and practicing yoga every day." But instead of writing it out of obligation, I wrote it because I could see how my days could be improved if yoga were a part of them. So when I woke up on that first Monday morning after my vacation, I chose to practice yoga. And I've made that choice every weekday since I've returned. Some days, my practice is a quick five minutes of sun salutations; other days, it's slightly longer and includes some back bends and seated postures. The only "must" in my practice is fitting in Warrior 2 ... if I can't surf the waves, I'll at least pretend on my mat.

After two months of choosing to practice each weekday, I no longer wonder when I'll find time for yoga. The time is there, and my desire is there ... starting my day with yoga now seems as natural and necessary as every other morning task I complete before heading to work. I'm not magically in a great mood after I step off the mat, and I'm still finding it challenging to spend 8+ hours at a desk each day. But my body is stronger, my mind is clearer, and my ability to find time for the important things in my life is affirmed. I can't believe how simple the choice is, and how simple it has always been.


  1. Jen, what a wonderful commitment to make! Thanks for sharing!

    Veggie chili makes me happy too! Have you tried the one at Bronte Bistro? :)


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