From good to great

Veggies: Eggplant from the garden, vegan panini from Angelina's and a big salad with veggies from Findlay Market this weekend
Wine: Devil's Corner 2008 Pinot Noir from Tasmania ... seriously delicious

A favorite Sunday morning ritual is to visit PostSecret as I drink my first cup of coffee. My emotions run from surprise and sadness to disbelief and curiosity as I read the postcards.

Today, I felt a connection with the image shown above. I don't know the creator's inspiration for the postcard ... I'm wondering if he/she experienced a heartbreaking loss or voluntarily gave up something precious? It seems that no matter what or who caused good to slip away, it eventually led to something better, greater, happier.

Let me be clear: Life--both personally and professionally--is unbelievably good. Ridiculously, amazingly, undeservedly good. However, I've been reflecting on whether the good in my life is good enough. Is great out there, only visible after I let go of good? And what if I say goodbye to good and realize, in hindsight, that it really was great? I'm not trying to be cryptic about any particular situation--and DP, don't worry, I know our marriage is great. But there's a certain restlessness in my contentment that needs further examination, and this postcard is my starting point. Thanks to whoever created it ... I hope your "great things" are still great.

*The image above appeared in the 9.13.09 edition of PostSecret (


  1. Interesting post, Jen. :)
    I wonder - "good enough" for whom or according to whom?
    But I know what you mean about that "restlessness in contentment", like an inner voice saying that there's so much more to experience and you can't always pinpoint what it is. I've had long phases of feeling that way.

  2. I love this post and imagine that all of us *dreamers* out there so identify with you Jen. I can sense the stirring of your soul. Good luck and have fun. :)


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