Living the dream

Veggies: Not as much as fruit, at least in the past week
Wine: Can you say sangria? (See "Veggies" entry)

What would our lives look like without our dreams? Predictable, plain, joyless? Our aspirations--the things we hope for, work toward, imagine--give color and context, shape and vision to our days. They nudge us, haunt us, call us toward the roles we want to lead and the people we want to be. Dreams exist somewhere between fantasy and ambition, between "what if" and "what's next."
Terri Trespicio, Body + Soul (August 2006)

This past week, I had the great pleasure and opportunity to fulfill a dream I've held since childhood: Learning how to surf. It was an amazing thrill to feel the wave underneath my board, making me feel weightless and strong and happy and at peace. I'm inspired in ways I can't explain and can't believe right now. I've been journaling like crazy, trying to capture everything so I don't let the pattern of everyday life return so quickly. I'm still not sure exactly how living this dream has changed my life ... but it has, and it does, and it will continue to.

Funny story: My friend Jaime and I were the "longtime students" in this AP article about tropical storm Danny.


  1. Jen, I love that photo and I love your post! I am so inspired by your dreaming and doing. :) You go, surfer girl!


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